|Seven enterprises have been identified as "High And New Technology Enterprises“

|National enterprise technology center, academician workstation, post doctoral research station, engineering laboratory, |Key Laboratory, engineering technology research center

|National Science And Technology Progress two prize 2, Ningxia Science And Technology Award 15 items.

|National technological innovation demonstration enterprises, the fifth batch of national innovative pilot enterprises, and national intellectual property demonstration enterprises.

|The advanced collective and national intellectual property strategy of the national professional and technical personnel shall be advanced.

|The first batch of national demonstration base enterprises (one of the seven companies)

|National Intelligent Casting Industry Innovation Center (the first)

|The first batch of national demonstration base enterprises (one of the seven companies) National Intelligent Casting Industry Innovation Center (the first) The first batch of the two countries of the six integrated manufacturing enterprises, commitment to the national casting industry intelligent factory / digital workshop standardization projects, large-scale efficient casting sand-type material Manufacturing equipment - into the Ministry of Science and Technology major research and development projects, rail transit key parts of the digital casting workshop - into the Ministry of Industry intelligent manufacturing new model application project,Traditional foundry intelligent transformation project– into the Ministry of  Industry intelligent manufacturing new model application project, The whole process casting virtual design platform –into the 2017 manufacturing and Internet integration pilot demonstration project, the demonstration and creation unit of the green manufacturing system of the  Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the national intelligent manufacturing standardization of the overall group  of corporate members (one of the 13 enterprises)

|China foundry industry comprehensive top 100 enterprises, China foundry industry sector leader enterprise, China green foundry demonstration enterprise, National green manufacturing demonstration company - green factory.

|The first batch of Modern Management Enterprises in China's machinery industry.

|Casting products for 15 consecutive (26 years) won the gold medal at China International casting, forging and industrial furnace exhibition.

|Received more than 40 best suppliers award from such as General Electric, SIEMENS, 6SIGMA Best Practice Award, |Best Innovation And Progress Award, Best Attention To Customer Award and other customer Awards

|National May Day Labor Award