About Kocel


Kocel Group Limited (Referred to as" Kocel Group", English abbreviation "Kocel") was first built in 1966. After more than 50 years of development and continuous innovation through system, technology and management, it has become an enterprise group with diversified development across industries, regions and regions. Kocel mainly holds Kocel Machinery Limited (abbreviation "KM").

Kocel Machinery Limited successively invested more than 10 companies, including National Intelligent Foundry Industry Innovation Center, Kocel Steel Foundry Co.ltd., Kocel Foundry Limited, Kocel Intelligent Machinery Limited, Kocel Intelligent Machinery Limited, Kocel Machine Co.ltd., Kocel Intelligent Machine (Suzhou) Limited, Kocel Machine Tool Accessories Limited, Kocel Chemicals Co.ltd., Kocel Biochemistry Co.ltd., Kocel Steel Structure Co.ltd., Kocel Commerce Limited, Kocel Energy co. Ltd., Kocel (HongKong) Limited, etc.

The company‘s leading industry is cast(Cast iron, cast steel, etc.),machinery manufacturing(Intelligent machines, molds, precision machining, machine tools , etc.),chemical(Furfural, furfuryl alcohol, resin, curing agent, coating etc.), steel structure. etc. providing related products and complete solutions.