KOCEL CSR Foundry Limited (KCF) is a joint venture between KOCEL Machinery Limited and Ziyang Zhongche Locomotive Co., Ltd. The company locates at Yanjiang District, Ziyang City, Sichuan province. The main products will be key components for railway, marin power, gas engine, etc. They are frame, cylinder end, cylinder sleeve, box, crankshaft, etc. The target of the first stage of the project is to realize production capacity of 44,000 tons casting. 

KCF"digital foundry demonstration project" is using the advanced manufacturing ideas to build up a digital foundry model. The company introduced advanced foundry technology (3D print, big volume core shooting technology, etc.) to realize soft manufacturing. By using virtual manufacturing plateform and virtual manufacturing technology to realize virtual manufacturing. By using intelligent manufacturing equipments and their integration in the workshops to realize intelligent manufacturing. The company adopts the following measures, such as, green-manufacturing design, smoke & dust comprehensive administration, extral heat general using, zero exhausting to realize green manufacturing.      

The company is using the leading foundry technology from KOCEL and both joint venture's management experiences, overall combining the advanced information system, such as vitual design system (TC),  BI (business intelligence), PLM (product life period management system), ERP (enterprise resource plan management), MES (manufacturing executive system), CRM (customer relationship management), SRM (supplier relation management) and over-all digital management systems developed by KOCEL IT team. By all this technology, to build the company to be a digital foundry with soft and digital casting production line, intelligent melting control system, casting finishing line with intelligent teams integratedly control, digital on-line test & inspection.  

When the company finish construction, it will realize "intelligent design, manufacturing, administration", "green manufacturing", and it will greatly change foundry industry's face, and will reach to the highest level in the same industry for casting production with the characteristics of "multi-categories, small serial quantity, fast and convenient, individuation". It will be a foundry that leads the foundry industry transforming and upgrading, and will be be a digital, soft, green and high efficency foundry with key process digital control rate be more than 90%, and the labor strength will greatly decrease, working environment will abviously change, and the production efficency will be largely improved.