Kocel Intelligent Machinery Limited (abbreviation "KIM"), with a construction area of 11,000 ㎡, located in Yinchuan (national) economic and technological development zone, Ningxia, has 40 processing equipment, including 27 precision processing equipment. 15,000 tons of castings are processed annually. The company has the processing capacity of large parts, the maximum machining size is 18000mm, the width is 6000mm, the height is 4500mm, the maximum machining diameter is 12500mm, the maximum machining weight is 150 tons. The main business is gas turbine, steam turbine, wind power generation, hydraulic power generation, crushing equipment, grinding equipment, diesel engine, compressor, drilling equipment, ship thrusters and other products precision processing. Also it can undertake oil compressor high precision product repair, large military equipment repair. The market covers more than ten developed countries and regions in the Americas, Europe, Asia, China and more than 50 customers, 80% of which are among the world's top 500 or industry leaders.