About talent

760-160——人才理念.pngHuman resource is the first resource for an enterprise development.

Human resource is the first resource for an enterprise (an organization) to grow up, develop and realize the organization's target. The enterprise must strengthen the responsibility, sense of urgency, speed, force of talents construction, to finally make up an atmosphere of focusing on talents, respecting talents and amphasize talents.

KOCEL is upgrading its idea of human resource marketing, making full use of talents intelligence and positivity. It is working on pushing labor speciality, talents expertization, leader professionalism, to finally push staff rapidly grow up to talents.

KOCEL made long-term mechanism for 3 kinds talents (leaders, professional technician, skilled talents) growing up.

KOCEL is making efforts to rich staff 3 kinds of income (material income, emotion income, ideal income). 

Push to make staff to have happy working environment, to have happy life.